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Grammar is a Funny Thing

January 5, 2009

i read an article i thought was confusing that could have been a lot easier to understand and it made me wonder why some writing is more difficult to understand than others i think what made the biggest difference was the grammatical structure or lack there of and not so much the topic being written about that made it difficult to read granted there are some topics such as pharmacokinetics or quantum physics that you need a steak knife to dissect the literature its so dense but then there are other topics like modern cultures or recent events that dont need to be so confusing or byzantine sounding but nonetheless some of these articles are made more complicated by the writing style of the author and i thought what better way to find out my own writing style than by removing all structural components of what i am writing now the content of what im saying is the same more or less but the way in which its filtered as you read through your brain and understood is changed by my lack of any sort of punctuation of capitalization cues that tell the brain where to pause and start a new thought i will admit this is a lot harder than i thought not writing with any sort of framework because punctuation and capitalization give the writer a chance to pause and reread and progress in a logical fashion in the writing but by eliminating all breaks between thoughts the writer can easily become entangled in the labyrinth of thoughts floating in the words written above which is happening to me right now all of those really pretentiously artistic people who want to break away from the confines of societys guidelines for written expression to fully express themselves and find they cannot adequately do so conforming to the grammatical and syntactic rules of the english language dont make any sense because unless their minds are as extremely difficult to navigate and their every thought is a complicated mess of fractional concepts i think theyre doing themselves a disservice by rebelling from the norms we as english speaking individuals take for granted in all that we write and read and to which we are accustomed that being said i think the variation we all use and our innate ability to express the same fundamental idea in a multitude of ways gives us each our own individuality that can be recognized and appreciated i am necessarily a logical analytical writer in my style which serves me well in my area of experience the sciences i am not creative in my methodology or my subject matter i dont foresee myself becoming the next jk rowling nor do i find this exceedingly distressing i enjoy writing and i enjoy reading things i can learn from i dont read to escape or for pleasure and i dont find myself a particularly fast reader nor a particularly exceptional writer i merely write what pops into my head and luckily for me that tends to be words that can convey in one sense or another what i am trying to express i dont have a personal need to be a brilliant writer just so long as im an effective writer my writing style has not changed much since i first started writing extensively in high school but it has served me well thus far and i anticipate itll be no different in the future i have now determined the importance of punctuation in written work and i will never overlook a comma semicolon or parentheses again. period.

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