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Stormy Storms

April 5, 2009

I love thunderstorms. The energy they generate is magical and I remember as a child running around like a lunatic in my yard during summer storms. Feeling the rain pelt against my hot skin, seeing the trees sway with the power of the wind unleashed upon them, hearing my mom caution me above the patter of the rain that I was going to get struck by lightning if I didn’t come inside right away. I love every part of the storm. The calm, humid, stagnant air with the low, rolling, purple black clouds warning everyone to head indoors, the pitter patter of the first drops crescendoing into the waterfall of rain, like God dumping buckets of water down from the Heavens, the electric period of lighting snaking through the milky black of the sky, the slowing of the raindrops hitting the steaming pavement, the departure of the rainstorm to grace another city with its power, and the streets, grass, and me all left stationary in its absence.

Summer storms are some of my most treasured memories. When I was young, my best friend and I would call each other the moment either of us heard a distant rumble and we would spend the entirety of the storm on the phone. Together, yet apart, we would watch the storm glide between us, eagerly demanding if the other had seen the latest strike or heard the latest grumble of thunder.

I’m fascinated by storms and how they work. I was told when I was very little that thunder and lightning were God playing in a rock band with cool light effects and an awesome drummer (which, I suppose would have been God, himself, since he’s theoretically the best of the best). My mom reminds me that as a toddler I would clap my hands and run around the house squealing in a pitch only our family dog could hear and scream with a glint in my eye that “I can hear the thunder but I cannot see the thunder.” I think the origin of my obsession with storms is because I was born on a stormy day. I hear it’s good luck to be born during a storm. I’m not sure of the validity of that statement, but I’d like to think it’s true. I mean I’ve been pretty lucky so far… fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx it.

Maybe I’ll move to Florida, I hear they get good storms. I wonder if South Africa gets hurricanes…

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