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Don’t Think Zebras

March 25, 2011

Sometimes things aren’t what we think they are. For example, take Rebecca Black’s chart-topping, smash-hitting, aurally-painful song ‘Friday’. Upon first hearing the single, a listener might assume it’s a ‘breezy pop song,’ but you would be mistaken! In fact, it delves into the issues of consumerism, foreign policy and the economy (see for yourself: Rebecca Black discloses hidden meaning). Ha, yeah right.

Sometimes things are exactly what you think they are. Here again, I present you with an example: a vodka soda. This drink says, ‘Hey, I’m gonna take like vodka and I’m gonna taste like soda–I’m not gonna pretend to be a torched cherry in the hopes that you’ll choose me over my flashy peers. I’m simple, to the point, and not gonna leave you all sorts of unhappy in the morning.’

Basically what I’m saying is that before jumping to some extravagant conclusions about what something is, perhaps take a moment to consider all the possibilities. When you hear hoofbeats, it could just be horses. Don’t first think zebras. Sometimes the simplest answer is actually the right one.


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